Why Buy Sassy Products?

We’ve been making our all-purpose seasoning blends since 1964. It’s gotta be good!

1 simple shaker contains all the essential herbs and spices to make any food taste great. Leave a jar at the cabin or the cottage!

Shake or rub on food before, during or after, raw or cooked. It’s all in here!

Sassy products contain certified-organic and naturally fresh herbs and spices; never any MSG. Sea salt is not just healthier; it also improves the flavor of every food. Our salt-substitute blend has no bitter aftertaste and is made from corn.

Our ‘any-purpose’ seasoning blends can be used on just about every food. Why spend the extra money for separate herbs and spices?

Because Sassy products are packaged in glass and UV-protected bags, they’re easy to use and stay fresh longer than other products sold in plastic containers.

Sassy products are mixed, bottled, labeled and sealed by hand and delivered directly to the consumer or retailer. You KNOW where your seasoning came from!

The reseal-able and refillable jar easily fits into a purse, backpack, saddlebag, or knapsack; wherever it’s needed, for busy people on the go!

Go “Green”:
Refills for the shaker are sold separately. You probably won’t want to put your shaker in the landfill, but if you do, it’s Recyclable glass.

“Make your taste buds happy – Be Sassified”