Sassy Salt®

This seasoned salt was our family's first product, dreamed up in 1964. The original recipe had "Accent" in it, which is MSG. It was also originally made with iodized table salt. The iodized salt was deleted from the recipe in 1987 when another spice was added to give Sassy Salt® a little "extra kick."

Later the product was revised to use a flake sea salt because flake sea salt 'holds the herbs and spices in suspension' preventing them from separating; keeping Sassy Salt® well-blended. The flake sea salt also allows larger particles like seeds and flakes to be used, for a more textured blend). In addition, flake sea salt simply tastes better. There were no mass-marketed seasoning salt blends or products available at the grocery when Sassy Salt® was developed.

Lawrey's Steakhouse developed an in-house seasoning salt in 1938 for coating their famous Prime Rib; McCormick Spice bought the recipe and put it on shelves some time in the '70s.

Sassy Salt® makes any home-made food taste better. Sassy Salt® also makes a great rub for any type of smoked meat or slow-cooked meats. Sassy Salt® can be used on any homemade food. Once you purchase Sassy Salt®, you will want to replace your salt and pepper shaker. You won't regret your decision!

Sonoma Kosher Flake Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Celery Seed, Granulated Garlic, Granulated Onion, Paprika, Parsley Powder, Ground Rosemary, and Ground Thyme.

This product is available in 4 oz. glass jar or refill bag, 10 oz. plastic shaker or 1 lb. chef sack. PLEASE CALL US DIRECTLY TO ORDER THE 1 LB. CHEF SACK.